FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)

An FFT size which can be constructed from radix 2, 3, or 5 is supported.
Please upload a CSV file or a text file delaminated by space, tab, etc.
The first column is the real part and second column is the imaginary part.
The truncated imaginary part is handled as zero.
If the input data size is smaller than the FFT size, an error message will be displayed.
If the input data size is larger than the FFT size, FFT is performed for each segment split by FFT size.
(Example: If the input data size is 10000 and FFT size is 2048, FFT is performed 4 times and the output size will be 8192.)

Download of converted file will begin after submitting the file.

The submitted file is processed on memory in the server side and the server does not keep the file data in a storage. Your connection information including IP address will be recorded in the access log.