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USB protocol

  • USBのプラグ&プレイ

USB Host

Custom HID Windows App

  • NuGet Hid Library (Hid Library)

Sample code

  • NuGet Hid Library (SharpLibHid)

Virtual COM port

  • How do I delete the unused COM ports in Windows 7? (未使用COMポートを削除)

  • C# でシリアルポートを列挙する方法

USB Client Device for STM32


  • STSW-STM32084 USB HID Demonstrator Release 1.0.2

Composite Device

  • Forum - Multiple USB CDC (USB IAD). How - STMicroelectronics

  • Forum - USB CDC, composite device, Window... - STMicroelectronics

  • HAL Library 21- Multi purpose USB library for STM32Fxxx - STM32F4 Discovery

USB Client Device for PIC

Composite Device

  • [SOLVED] USB HID + CDC Composite Device

  • 1つのデバイスにCDCクラスとHIDクラス実装できますか? (記述方法が間違っているので注意)

USB Driver

  • USB virtual COM port Demo CDC driver for Windows Vista and 7

  • USB serial driver (Usbser.sys)

  • Standard USB Identifiers

  • Building an INF File for a Windows SideShow-Compatible Device

  • Forum - USB CDC Driver for Android - STMicroelectronics