Company Information

The company name "A-VEKT" comes from the original meaning of "Advanced VEKtor Technologies". We used Vektor (German) instead of Vector (English) due to the following reasons.

  • Making the company name short and unique.
    It is desired not be overlapped for the internet domain name, trademark, and internet search result.

  • To construct the logo with only strait lines
    K is constructed with straight lines, C requires curves.
    All characters A,V,E,K and T can be constructed with straight lines.
    This enables a systematic generation of the font for K.

  • K is the initial for many good words.
    All of the characters A, V, E, K and T are the initials for the good words as follows.
    Aany, all, able, administration, accelerate, algorithm, abroad
    Vvector, value, victory
    Eenergy, efficiency, emotion, empowerment
    Kkey, kernel, kind, kiss, kid
    Ttime, treasure, temperature