Company Information

"Solving the increasing complexity by generic, systematic, simple and reusable manner." is the objective of our company.

Millions of engineers are working for IT related in the world today. Various things including computer systems are getting complicated year by year, and becoming a chaos. Why will this happen and how can we control this?

We have a law of increasing entropy. "Entropy" is a term meaning complexity and increasing entropy means the increased complexity. This law is originated from the thermal chemistry in nineteenth century. However the essence appears in some proverbs known from ancient.

"Don't cry over spilled milk."
It is difficult to reverse the spilled milk (the state of milk is complicated = high entropy) into the milk in the glass (the state of milk is simple = low entropy).

"Too many cooks spoil the broth."
It is difficult to direct the decision (decreasing entropy) if there are too many cooks (chaotic=high entropy). Actually it seems a growing company tends to have a strong leader.

If you code the algorithm in 100 pages of document with 4,000 of lines, it becomes C++ code with 50,000 of lines. If it is compiled, it becomes 200,000 of instructions in an executable file. We require a computer running at a gigahertz to execute it in enough speed. This is also coming from the law of increasing entropy.

Off course, the various systems becoming a chaos are subjected to the law of increasing entropy. Increasing entropy put a crimp on the development of civilization. How we can control this? We should start from lower entropy and try to not to increase the entropy as possible because it is difficult to reduce the entropy which has increased at the beginning.

In mathematics, we use vector which is an array of elements. The entropy can be lowered if we use a three dimensional vector instead of using the three scalar variables. That is, the number of the pages in the description can be reduced if we use a vector. The concept of vector is not essential. The formulas can be described only with scalars somehow. However mathematics become chaotic and it would take much time to achieve the current level of civilization.

The definition of the vector varies widely. For a typical user of a computer, a 32-bits integer should be a scalar value. However, it should be a 32th-dimensional vector comprised of bits when it is looked from a micro view by an engineer of semiconductors which are the elements of a computer. Inside in the computer, 32-bits of data are moving together as a vector. This is controls the increasing entropy.

What about defining an object with low entropy as vector although it would be a wild idea? We use the term vector in the original meaning of the company name in this concept.